In the last quarter of 2013, I began my journey in the particle realm. Many opportunities confronted me. While I was learning about physics in nature, I tried to find ways to implement these in the computer.


My purpose was to explore and show the beauty of particles presented in a dot form. Therefore to show different physics with only the core element. Now that I explore more possibilities I like to use the particle as a source to create nature in it’s pure form. Meaning a group of particles could be presented for example as a nebula.

In the second quarter of 2015, I began to research an new project; “What lies beyond the edge of the Observable Universe?”. I began an experiment to visualize this through our universal language: Mathematics.


After testing complicated algorithms, I arrived at the Perlin Noise algorithm. This algorithm was invented in 1983 (my birth year) by Ken Perlin and was later used by several computer programs.

While experimenting with the noise algorithm, I find out that this was not good enough for the base of the nebula system. Therefore I had to use multiple and different noise fields to produce a more life like nebula form. It became clear through experiments that I needed a starting point to build on. First I created an primal object designed by a procedural algorithm based on the Perlin Noise. After that I transformed the object to particles and manipulate these with the noise algorithm. The result is the base nebula without all the detail. In the second phase I deform the base through maps that are based on fractal noise. The final result is an high dense and high detailed particle system. This way I can create close up, medium and total shots of the nebula.

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